What every software tester should know about Usability Testing?

The more you know, the better

A software tester is definitely one of those professions in which the more you know, the better.

And it is not only about specialized domain knowledge, but also a wide range of skills in related fields. There are no competencies that can harm a tester. Any knowledge and skills help in being a better tester.

Different skills in each project

Due to the fact that as a tester we may come across various projects, gaining knowledge and skills in different areas is crucial. …

Most Common Beginners Level Software Testing Interview Questions & Tips

There are some common misconceptions that software testing is easy, whereas it’s a technical skill that demands preparation. This is especially true if you’ve never worked in software testing before.

If you’re looking for a new testing opportunity right now or you’re switching your career to software testing, then this post is for you.

What I’m sharing here is a handful of best practices that will help you excel at your interview. I also made a list of common questions asked during entry-level interviews for the testing position.

What questions will you be asked?

There are a few types of questions that a software tester may…

Top tips & study material for ISTQB Exam Certification Foundation level

What is the ISTQB FL exam?

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a non-profit association that certifies software testers, QA Engineers and others who are involved and interested in software testing.

An entry-level certification in the testing field is a prerequisite for all other ISTQB certifications. It’s conducted in over 120 countries worldwide, which makes it to be the most popular and recognizable certificate for QA specialists.

It has 3 levels:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Why should you take the certification?

According to the ISTQB Effectiveness Survey 2019–2020, the main reason to get an ISTQB exam is employee career path development.

An overview of items every bug report should contain

The answer to this question may vary from company to company and bug tracking system.

If bugs occur, the tester finding the bug should be able to document and send it to people in charge of fixing that error or failure.

So here we’ve got a good overview of what you could include in a typical bug report.

Bug ID

  • so the bug can be tracked. This is usually generated automatically.


  • who raised the bug, meaning who can offer more information if it’s needed. …

Probably the server response codes you are most familiar with are 404 (page not found) and 500 (internal server error).

However, not every code means an error. Find out the most popular HTTP responses — both error and correct server operation.

HTTP Response Code — what is it?

Server response codes are otherwise known as information that servers send to clients — usually browsers. It can be visualized as follows:

When you open a given web page, you send a so-called request to the server (a request that is supposed to trigger a specific response — in this case, the opening of the page).

In response, the…

Understand the fundamentals of how your web browser communicates with the web servers

Knowing how HTTP works and how to work with it, gives you the power to make the web work for you:

  • Click on the link and the browser sends a request to get the data at the other end of the link from its server.
  • Click on the submit button on a social media post and the browser sends a request to post the data you just typed into a database on the server.

What happens every time you click on a link?

Why are there so few women in tech?

It is fair to say that as time goes by, there are more and more women working in IT. Yet, the IT industry is still dominated by men.

What could be the reason for this?


Girls are less likely to study STEM subjects

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